Seven Billion is a data analytics company which provides services to a range of industries, including Technology, Healthcare & Life Science, Commerce, Logistics and Shipping, Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods. Our cutting-edge technology allows us to deliver insight into businesses’ operations and enable them to achieve maximum profits.

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Discover New Possibilities with Seven Billion's Data Analytics Solutions

At Seven Billion, we offer comprehensive data analytics services designed to empower organizations in numerous industries. Our team is dedicated to delivering advanced solutions, integrating big data analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning, AI-driven insights, and more. Our commitment to reliable results and tailored strategies means we can help transform your business with data-driven solutions.


We offer products and services that help build customer relationships while managing customer data securely. We also develop advanced technologies that improve productivity for a number of processes from development to delivery.

Healthcare And Life Science

Our team provides comprehensive analytics solutions for healthcare organizations to make informed decisions on patient care, drug efficacy, and pricing. Life sciences companies benefit from our predictive modeling tools for research and development activities.


Seven Billion brings retailers the power of insights from customer behavior patterns which enable them gain competitive advantage in the market place through improved sales strategies while ensuring customer experience satisfaction.

Logistics And Shipping

We provide integrated platforms that facilitate shipping decisions based on real-time information about transportation conditions as well as customizable dashboards for viewing key performance indicators associated with distribution costs.


Our product suite helps manufacturers optimize production processes via efficient collaboration capability along with advanced metrics analysis capabilities providing visibility into potential risks or opportunities related with quality control issues.

Consumer packaged goods (CPGs)

Our Consumer Packaged Goods clients benefit from predictive analytics for demand forecasting, improved accuracy in sales projections, competitor activity monitoring, and optimized inventory management.


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