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Full suite of KPI dashboards built with Business Intelligence & Visualization.

At Seven Billion, we offer comprehensive data analytics services designed to empower organizations in numerous industries. Our team is dedicated to delivering advanced solutions, integrating big data analysis, predictive analytics, machine learning, AI-driven insights, and more. Our commitment to reliable results and tailored strategies means we can help transform your business with data-driven solutions.

Customer Experience Tracking

GenAI backed Advanced CX Insights

User Cohort Analytics

Enhance user engagement with cohort analytics, decoding unique behaviors within your audience.

Unit Economics

GenAI backed Advanced CX Insights

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GenAI in CX

Overview: Use GenAI in Business Intelligence to identify and analyze key customer satisfaction metrics like CSAT and NPS, gaining insights into sentiment and satisfaction levels.

Strategic Actions:

Use GenAI for data-driven decisions, pinpointing improvements and refining strategies based on CSAT, NPS, and overall satisfaction insights for continuous enhancement and customer loyalty.

Advanced Marketing Analytics

Overview: Refine decisions with predictive analytics and cohort analysis in our dashboard for key metrics and effective campaigns.

Strategic Actions:Leverage real-time data for precise marketing decisions by fine-tuning strategies, optimizing budgets, and enhancing targeting precision

SaaS Product Analytics

Analyze SaaS performance via our dashboard, using regression and cohort analysis for informed decisions on metrics, user behavior, and feature patterns.

Strategic Actions: Optimize SaaS strategy with real-time data, focusing on impactful features and addressing user needs for enhanced satisfaction.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Overview: Go beyond last-click attribution. Our advanced models, including Markov Chain, unravel user journey intricacies.

Strategic Actions:

Swiftly identify high/low-performing channels for enhanced ROAS and reduced CAC. Optimize marketing strategies using insights from various models for maximum impact and efficiency.

RFM Segmentation

Overview: Efficiently categorize customers based on recency, frequency, and monetary value to pinpoint top-performing cohorts with precision.

Strategic Actions:

Drive repeat purchases, decrease churn, and elevate Lifetime Value (LTV) for sustained business growth.

Integrated Customer Insights

Utilize Product Mix Analysis to identify high-engagement products. Apply Customer eLTV Scoring, employing machine learning and 50+ signals for high-potential buyer identification.

Strategic Actions:

Optimize marketing precision. Tailor recommendations based on Product Mix Analysis. Focus on high eLTV-scored customers for improved ROAS and strategic revenue generation.

Unit Economics for Startups

Overview: Assess your startup's financial health by analyzing unit economics, delving into cost and revenue dynamics per product unit for detailed profitability insights.

Strategic Actions: Optimize your business strategy with unit economics, refining pricing, operations, and customer acquisition for sustainable, scalable growth.

Comprehensive Performance

Overview: Track your budget and revenue with our high-level performance dashboard.

Strategic Actions: Make informed ad spending decisions with data-backed insights. Optimize your ad spend daily to achieve better outcomes.

Behaviour Analytics

Overview: Take decisions with real-time behavioral data. Tailor user experiences, refine features, and optimize marketing for enhanced satisfaction and meaningful business outcomes.

Strategic Actions: Leverage real-time behavioral data for strategic decisions, optimizing user experiences, refining features, and enhancing marketing for meaningful business outcomes.

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