Apple Is Not the Only Best User Experience Provider

Apple Is Not the Only Best User Experience Provider

Yes I know this is a very controversial statement but this is true (at least I think it’s true and I brought evidence with me to convince you)

There’s no doubt that Apple has been the best user experience provider for many decades. Even there was a point when under the leadership of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive they raised as a design company instead of a tech company.

By being defined as a design company, Apple is positioning the user experience — how consumers interact with technology — as more important than focusing on the sheer power found with technology.


The image shows you how Apple changed the whole definition of a mobile phone.

Before Apple, a mobile phone is a device to send emails and take phone calls and once in a while you can play some music and take photos which never came well.

Having said that Apple is the biggest innovator in the field of design you can’t ignore another epitome of design and engineering which is Tesla and SpaceX.


Yes, you read it correctly Tesla and SpaceX. Apart from fast cars and thrusting rockets they also build great user experiences

Here’s a small comparison of the Tesla Model 3 and BMW M3 Series 🚗



Comparing the interior design of both cars gives us some shocking revelations about how advanced and neat Tesla’s design looks and how much it points us to the future of design.

This comparison shows how overly complex a traditional combustion engine car for manual driving looks. It’s overwhelming with complexity. Tesla on the other hand keeps your focus without distraction.

Driving a Tesla is like when you went from a Nokia/Motorola/Blackberry to an iPhone. It doesn’t even seem the same thing.

But here some designers will argue the fact, that comparing an electric car with a traditional combustion engine is comparing apples and oranges, but packing all the features like a self-driving car, lightning-fast acceleration with a minimalist design is still a mountain of a task.

Let’s assume that the argument of comparing electric cars and traditional combustion engine cars is true, I have another example that will corroborate my initial statement and that is



Yes rockets, now we are comparing rockets and space shuttles. Nasa is building space shuttles for the past 63 years and SpaceX started building them in 2002 but Elon’s SpaceX is far ahead of any rocket ship which exists on Earth. Those rockets are basically reusable transport vehicles that have the capability to take off and land automatically and then again sent to space. This all happens without compromising the quality of the ride for the pilot/ astronomer sitting in the cockpit.

Here’s a comparison


From a time article

“You have an overall systems page on the screen, and then you can drill down into individual pages as well,” says Doug Hurley, the commander of the first crewed SpaceX mission, which launched in May of 2020. “There’s a total of 25 to 30 individual pages, and SpaceX may have added some more since my flight. With any aircraft or spacecraft, you always iterate because it makes sense and it’s easy and will help the crew.”

The whole console is now a touch-based interface that works completely autonomously without any involvement of the pilot.

There’s a common myth that “If you want more functionalities/features you have to compromise with the design”. which I don’t think is the case because Tesla and SpaceX proved to us that you can build great and advanced machinery with the best design possible.

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